A.Collective is a studio comprised of practiced creators with a highly diverse-range of experience.

We are filmmakers, photographers, choreographers, creative directors, editors, set designers, VR artists, animators, graphic designers and beyond. We draw upon this full range of experience producing 360 campaigns from concept to finish.

Rachel Treliving

Gabrielle Schwan

Mark Connell / Chloe Hughes / Grace Pickering

Burns / Chloe Hughes / Grace Pickering

Nicholas ‘Slick’ Stewart

Nick Kempton


L Devine / Chloe Hughes


L Devine / Murren Tullett

Nick Kempton

L Devine / Emil Nava / Chloe Hughes

Aubrey Woodiwiss / Jaquel Knight

Nick Kempton

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Alex Russek – Editor
Andre Hyland – Director
Aubrey Woodiwiss – Colorist
Ayan Issin – Animator
Barnaby Meller – Architect
Bilal el Khadi – Photographer / Director
Benjamin Milan – Choreographer
Burns – Music Producer
Caspar Phillips – Art Director
Chloe Hughes – Illustrator / Director
Christy Tattershall – Director
Donovan Novotny – Director / DOP
Emil Nava – Director
Gabrielle Schwan – Stylist
Ganna Bogdan – Photographer / Director
Gavin Bond – Photographer / Director
Grace Pickering – Photographer
Jack Berkeley – Music Producer
Jaime Jarvis – Stylist

Jaquel Knight – Choreographer
Jordan Findlay – Director
Krystian Lorenzana – Fashion Designer
Liz Rowley – VR Specialist
L Devine – Artist
Manuel Frayre – Photographer
Mark Connell – Production Designer
Max Sullivan – VFX Artist
Murren Tullett – Cinematographer
Rene Villar-Rios – Director
Napoleon & Tabitha Dumo – Choreographer
Nick Kempton – Artist
Nicholas ‘Slick’ Stewart – Performer
Patrick Meller – Cinematographer
Rachel Treliving – Graphic Designer
Rene Villar-Rios – Director
Rob Rufus – Writer
Teresa Fogolari – 3D Artist / Director

Ganna Bogdan

Bilal el Khadi

Manuel Frayre

Chloe Hughes + Rachel Treliving

Jaime Jarvis

Gabrielle Schwan

Jaquel Knight

Ayan Issin

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